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Shrimp is a very important food resource in Europe and around the world, whose consumption is increasingly encouraged as it contributes to a good food balance. This feature is of great prominence among the species of greatest economic importance and volume, being among those of greatest production since 1979. As a way to reduce losses after capture, several methods of preservation of the intrinsic characteristics of the fish such as drying and smoking, so the The present work aimed to produce and evaluate the sensorial acceptance of two food formulations based on shrimp, consisting of smoking and dehydration. The evaluation was made as to the attributes…, in a 5-point hedonic scale, employing untrained tasters. It was also determined the throughput from the initial and final masses. The results showed that the dehydration was more profitable than smoking. Similarly, dehydrated shrimp was more accepted regarding the evaluated attributes.

Autors: Ezequiel Carlitos Mutie, Odeisse dos Santos, Déuria Matavele e António Elísio José

Published: 2021-05-01

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